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A warm welcome

to Witzenhausen, a lively city in the beautiful landscape of the valley of the river Werra right in the centre of Germany.

To preserve tradition and at the same time welcome innovation is not only visible in the location of the University of Kassel, which is of considerable importance for the young and lively appearance of our city. On the one hand projects of research of international interest are pursued here and on the other hand medieval premises of the centuries-old monastery of the Wilhelmiten-monks are still in use for the purpose.

For 25 years the teaching of organic agriculture has been performed and for more than a hundred years contacts in the entire world have been established by tropical and subtropical agriculture.

Numerous graduates from our university have made their decisions for our city as the basis for their profession. Firms and consulting engineers and advice centres in the field of recycling waste, renewable energies and organic agriculture have made Witzenhausen a centre of competence. Thereby we have e.g. become the birthplace of the "green waste bin".

As the "Cherry-town" of the valley of the river Werra we do not only enjoy the fascination of the white cherry-blossoms in spring but also the time of cherry-picking with the cherry-festival where the cherry-queen is elected every year.

Welcome to our city with its 16 town areas, welcome to our charming well-wooded landscape and welcome to hospitable and committed inhabitants.

Yours sincerely

Angela Fischer


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